Scenic Solutions Landscape LLC​

Hardscapes installation are done set to (I.C.P.I) standards.  As we have been trained as a Interlocking Concrete Paver Installer.

For sod installation we install Kentucky bluegrass as our standard, but offer several water conservation options.  Our sod also comes with rolling and fertilizer.  all our plant material is warrantied for one year, and are planted with fertilizer packs and staked if necessary.

All sprinkler systems are installed with Rainbird & Hunter parts.  The #1 & #2 manufacture in the industry.  The system has a warranty of 1-year for parts and labor (including dry spots), and the 3-5 year manufactures warranty.  We are current on almost every water conservation effort, with several of our own idea's.  For this purpose our shrub areas are designed with a drip irrigation system.

Our Services